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Second edition of the world sports challenge organized for the 58,000 employees of the Colas group.

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The Colas Team Cup, an international sports challenge, is organized by the Colas group around two sports:

  1. 5-a-side football
  2. Running (10km, half marathon and marathon)


From March 1st to April 15th, 2019


From 16 April to 17 November, 2019

Selections in geographical areas

Early March 2020

International finals in Paris

5-a-side soccer

This soccer variation is played with five players (four players on the field and a goalkeeper) on a smaller field (15-20 metres wide and 25-30 metres long) in a specialized venue or outdoors. Each team is made up of 5 players on the field and 2 stand-ins.
The aim is to score more goals than the opponent, over two 15-minute periods.
Number of teams qualified for the final: 16
Number of players: 112  


10km / Half-marathon / Marathon

10km, half-marathon, marathon
Contestants registered for this competition must take part in one race (a competition for which a certificate of participation is awarded stating the distance run and the time) out of the three official distances, of their choosing: 10km / half-marathon / marathon, during the timeframe given (between April 16, 2019 and November 17, 2019).
Number of qualifying contestants for the finals: 120

Selection criteria

The Colas Team Cup allows all athletes and teams to have a chance to qualify for the international finals.

The athletic competitions are governed by a point-rating system determined not only on the basis of athletic performance, but also on the athletes’ and teams’ “digital presence” on the Colas Team Cup website and the social network Instagram.




Athletic performance



The cumulated total is 1,000 points maximum.


Every time running i thought What did i doing here? It...

Yay first and last 10k race of the year 😂 #colasteamcup...


Finisher de Semi marathon de Boulogne :) Le dernier de l’...

#colasteamcup @nikesportswear @nikemorocco 🏆 👍 🏃

One last morning run until the deadline for #colasteamcup

Lot of walking in the woods for #colasteamcup

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Nouveau record sur 10km. 39"15 direction la finale...

Une journée inoubliable avec les amis ❤😘 @mohamedbeggari...

Dernier jour de la #colasteamcup, les jeux sont faits...

Avec @mohamedbeggari 😀#colasteamcup @nikesportswear...

Que du bonheur 😀 @Semi Marathon El jadida #colasteamcup...

#colasteamcup Semi BB !

Encouraging athletes

For each "support" received on the website, the athlete or team will be awarded 1 point.

Communicating on Instagram

Each time the athlete or team publishes a photograph on Instagram related to the Colas Team Cup associates the hashtag #ColasTeamCup with it, he/she will be awarded 1 point.

The total number of points accumulated in this way cannot exceed 150.
The computer system will automatically calculate the points and include them in the total.

How is the athletic performance calculated?

5-a-side soccer

Discover the number of points associated to your performance:



10km / Half-marathon / Marathon

Discover the number of points associated to your performance:

10 km
10 km

Proud to be a supporter

Show your dedication to a team or an athlete by encouraging them.

Visit their profile, enter your contact information and click [I’m a supporter].

Your support will be counted and will make a difference in the final ranking. You can only vote ten times, and only once for each athlete or team.

Thanks to your support, the athlete or team will earn 1 point (up to 100 points).

The event’s official ambassador

Olympic medalist Christine Arron is a world champion French track and field sprinter. Today, she is the ambassador for the Colas Team Cup.

Christine shares the fundamental values of Colas Team Cup – going beyond one’s own limits, team spirit, conviviality, fair-play and solidarity. She spent her entire career spreading the same messages, making her mark in world track and field with a number of impressive records: she is the European record-holder in the 100 m (10’73’’), European champion in 100 m, World champion in relay 4X 100 m. She is the fourth fastest woman of all time on 100 m. Nevertheless, above and beyond her records, it is her stance in the fight against doping that has made our ambassador an exemplary figure in the world of sport.

Today, Christine Arron works at the French Track and Field Federation to develop sport in business. She will be happy to share her expertise and experience throughout the competition.

International challenge

The Colas Team Cup is a competition open to all employees of the Colas Group over the age of 18 with a permanent, long-term employment contract (excluding fixed-term contracts, internships, apprenticeships and temporary assignments).

It was created to give all Group employees a unifying, dynamic and unforgettable experience, to encourage bridge building and networking, to stimulate and promote team spirit, and to foster human values.

The latest news

Towards the Colas Team Cup 2019

The first edition of the Colas Team Cup in 2017 was a great success. Federating Group employees around a major international sporting event was a challenge... and we did it! Gathered around common values ​​such as going beyond one’s own limits, team spirit, conviviality and solidarity, you made the Colas Team Cup a very memorable moment and a new can’t-miss event.

That’s why I decided to roll out the second edition of the Colas Team Cup. Registration begins in March. The local selections will be an opportunity for you to create a real team spirit which, I hope, will take you on to the international finals in Paris in February 2020.

Show fair play when you participate in sports events. Applaud the athletes, coaches and organizers who bring the Colas Team Cup to life.

This event belongs to you: build your teams and enjoy yourselves!

I officially declare the second edition of the Colas Team Cup open.

Hervé Le Bouc.

International finals

Paris 2020.