First international sports challenge for all 55,000 employees

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Find the qualified players for five a side soccer and running all around the world.

Watch the live scores of the final

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Je penserai bien à toi le jour j, qui est ?
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Gancarz Aurelien
que la force soit avec toi
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Primes de match doublées, Allez CMM !!!
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loth denis
que la force soit avec toi
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Bon courage et gros bisous à vous deux
Cases Anne marie
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Lourenço Ferreira Graciano
Força Loureço traz a medalha de ouro para Geneve
reprise 2,5mois après la Colasteamcup! Toujours ce genou 🤐 #colasteamcup
Rdv samedi, 2ème objectif de l’année après la #colasteamcup , 104 km, 2750m D+ 😅💪 #bretagneultratrail #104km #afondafondafond #cavapiquer...
Trail Mont des Flandres NTMF 42KM 212e. 04:28:33 BOULANGER Bertrand 66e. V1M. #courseapied #trailrunning #colasteamcup
Retour en images sur la magnifique finale internationale de la #colasteamcup à l'INSEP Une organisation et une production #infinimentsport Pour...
En pleine forme 😀 #colasteamcup
Avec D+700m. #colasteamcup #groupe_colas #trailrunning
Petit souvenir, qui me rappelle qu'il faudrait reprendre la route #colasteamcup
Enfin, première sortie vélo de l’année. 40 km, D+ 250, à 25 de moyenne. Histoire de se remettre en jambes. #☀️ #viperstelvio #viper #viperbike...
En mode week-end avec le match le plus important de la saison à Chaponnay ce soir.
Pas la même une fois qqs kms avalés.... ☹😨 .... satisfaction du footing accompli qd même 😉 #motivation #pasquestiondelacher #colasteamcup
Et c est reparti pour les footings en mode diurne 😊😉😁 !!!! #létéarrive #cacommeneasentirbon #colasteamcup
10 km D+-500 1h18 et enfin du soleil ☀️ #colasteamcup #runaddict #planet #asics #compressport #printemps
Sortie semi longue ce matin en Seine et Marne. Le mois prochain passage en préparation active longue distance. #colasteamcup #run #running...
Tkt petit vélo 🚲, dès qu’on en aura fini avec cette neige ❄️ et cette pluie 🌧, je te ressortirai #enviede🚲 #viperstelvio #viper #stelvio...

International final of the Colas Team Cup

National Sport Institute
Paris, France

  1. 11h30
    Colas Team Cup opening ceremony
  2. 12h00
    Opening speech
  1. 14h00
    Beginning of group stages
  2. 19h00
    End of qualifying groups
  3. 19h15
    Annoucement of qualified
  4. 19h30 - 21h
    Pasta Party
  5. 21h30
    Last departure from INSEP
  1. 8h00
    Arrival of athletes at INSEP
  2. 9h00
    Start of the final round
  3. 10h00
    Football semifinal
  4. 11h30
    Football international final
  5. 11h30 - 12h00
    Men and women running small final
  6. 12h00 - 12h30
    Running international final
  7. 12h30 - 13h00
    Awards and closing ceremony
  1. 13h00 - 15h00
    Catering and celebration

Sports of the final

Five-a-side soccer

A Group phase five-a-side soccer tournament will be organized over two days to determine general rankings and a winning team.

A federal referee (affiliated to the French Soccer Federation) will ensure compliance with the official five-a-side soccer rules during all matches.

Playground size
20 X 30 m
Game duration
2 X 10 minutes
Ground type
Synthetic football pitch
Gear firm or artificial ground boot
Tournament organization
One qualifying round day and one finals round day
Number of teams
Number of games to win the Colas Team Cup
Number of players
Track dimension
Number of series to win the Colas Team Cup
Ground type
Tartan track
Running shoe or running spike
Tournament organization
One qualifying round day and one finals round day
Number of teams
12 men's teams
12 women's teams

The international running final will be run as a relay.

This track event involves a succession of five competitors who run:
1000 meters, then 800 meters, then 600 meters, then 400 meters and finally 200 meters. The overall distance is therefore 3,000 meters. They will pass a baton from on runner to the next.

Runners will be grouped in 5-member teams and will represent each geographical area.

They will compete in a two-day Group phase relay competition to determine an overall ranking and a winning team.

An official referee (affiliated to the French Athletics Federation) will ensure compliance with the official rules during the competition.

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Event ambassador

Jean-Pierre Papin, former French soccer player and sponsor of the Colas Team Cup.

Going beyond one’s own limits, team spirit, conviviality and solidarity... Jean-Pierre Papin shares the values ​​of the Colas Team Cup, and we are honored to have him as a sponsor of the competition.

These are the values, which he himself has championed on and off the field, that allowed him to make his mark on the history of world soccer (Golden Ball 1991).

"The mobilization of Colas employees around the world impressed me and I congratulate them. Their involvement and commitment has made the Colas Team Cup a great human adventure!"

Next meeting, January 9, 2018, for the draw for the final competitions.

Congratulations to all,

Faster and Stronger, Together



The INSEP (National Institute of Sport, Expertise and Performance) is the Institute of Excellence for high performance athletes in France, and it will host the finals of the Colas Team Cup on February 7 and 8, 2018.

At the heart of the Bois de Vincennes in Paris, on a 28-hectare site, the INSEP provides the best training environment for the best French sportsmen such as Teddy Riner (judo), Tony Yoca (boxing), or in the past, Tony Parker (basketball) and triple Olympic champion Marie-José Perec (track and field).

They are equipped for all Olympic disciplines: track and field, soccer, boxing, archery and sports shooting, badminton, basketball, swimming, diving, table tennis, judo, fencing, gymnastics, field hockey, etc.

In 2016, out of the 42 French Olympic medalists from the Rio Games, 21 trained at INSEP.

The adventure continues…

The idea of creating the Colas Team Cup stems from the wish to involve everyone in the Group in an international sports competition based on the values ​​of surpassing one’s own limits, team spirit and solidarity.

It was launched last spring, and the qualification phase has just ended.

Soccer players, runners, supporters and local coordinators, in all, more than 3,000 Colas employees, in France and abroad have participated.

I want to congratulate you and thank you.

Your involvement and enthusiasm have helped to perpetuate Colas' longstanding tradition of conviviality, making the Colas Team Cup much more than a competition: it’s a genuine adventure!

Those who have been selected are now entering the final phase of preparation for the international finals. I’m counting on all of you to continue to support them.

See you in Paris on February 7 and 8!

Yours truly

Hervé Le Bouc