Where can I find the names of the local coordinators in my area?
You will automatically receive an email with the name of the local coordinator for your area/company when you register for the Colas Team Cup. 

Does winning a local competition mean that you are automatically qualified for the finals? 
  Qualification for the finals is based on three criterias: sports performance, support from fans and activity on Instagram. This means that you can win a competition but still not qualify for finals because another team has more points accumulated with all three criterias.

Is it possible to register a 5-a-side soccer team that is not complete?
To enter the Colas Team Cup 5-a-side soccer competition, you must have a minimum of 5 players. Registration is not possible if the team is not fully completed.

Is there compulsory gear or clothing to wear during tournaments?
No, but we do recommend that you wear clothing suitable for soccer or running (see the charter).   

Where can I find the image rights permission form?
You can download the image rights permission form at www.colasteamcup.com in the registration section stipulating that you are fit to practice the sport in question. Your registration will not be finalized until we receive all required documents.  

Is the Colas Team Cup open to people from outside the Colas Group?
No. The Colas Team Cup is open to all Colas employees on permanent or long-term contracts (excluding fixed-term contracts, internships, apprenticeships and temporary contracts).

How many qualified athletes will there be in my region?
Information pertaining to the number of qualified players by sport and geographical area can be found in the Colas Team Cup Charter: Article 2.6 Selection of qualified athletes. info@colas-team-cup.com

I have a problem with my registration and I can’t find the anwser on the website. Who can I contact ?
If you have a problem during the registration process, send an email to the following address: inscriptions@colas-team-cup.com.

For informations that I can’t find on the website, who can I contact?
If you need more informations about the Colas Team Cup, you can read the Charter or send an e-mail to the following address: info@colas-team-cup.com.

How do I create an Instagram account to allow me to win the points for social networking? 
To create your Instagram account, download the Instagram application on your phone or tablet, and then create a profile with a valid email address. When you register, or after registration via your personal account, you can enter your Instagram username which will automatically be connected to the Colas Team Cup. For a soccer team, you can link all the players’ Instagram accounts.

How will the qualifying soccer tournament be organized in my area?
A 5-a-side soccer tournament will be organized in your geographical area by local coordinators. Each Colas subsidiary has a coordinator who will organize the qualifying phase. You will receive informations via email from your local coordinator including the date, location and team chart.